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Security Services

We offer four different versions of Access Control. Entry Systems, stand alone access control, stand alone with audit trail, and access control with audit trail. Below is an explanation as to what each type is and can help you decide which one is right for your application.

Entry Systems: Entry systems is a broad term used here to cover what is commonly known to people as a "buzzer system." These are systems that consist of electric strikes or magnetic locks released by a button. Often times, these are used in conjuntion with intercoms or video intercoms and keypads. The systems are hardwired with a power supply and require special lock hardware.

Stand Alone Access Control: Most Stand alone units do not typically need special knowledge for installation and use. Stand alones means just that, they operate independently on the door and are mechanical or battery operated.

Stand Alone with audit trail: With the audit trail feature you can access dates and times of when a person enters or leaves the facility. All programming is done at the door unit. Key pads, proximity keys, card readers, and biometrics are typically used.

Access Control with audit trail: These systems are PC/Laptop driven and offer the most features. Programming can be done on site and remotely to cover all sites. The biggest advantage is that changes can be made for each door without actually haveing to go to the door and several doors can be done at once. Keypads, proximity readers and now biometrics are typically used.