Gun Safes

Fort Knox - Our Showroom (located in Merrillville, IN)

Reinforced FIre Doors:

  • Our new reinforced fire doors adds two layers of fire protection to either the 3/8" or 1/4" solid steel plate, then reinforces the door with additional 10-gauge steel for added security. (Over 30% thicker steel than other composite type doors.)

1 ½ Inch locking bolts & star corner bolts:

  • Another first in the home and gun safe industry is their patented star corner bolts. This puts a gear -driven, one and a half inch diameter locking bolt in each of the four corners of the door. This makes it virtually impossible to peel the corners of the door.

Uni-body construction:

  • The quadrafold door frame has been designed to be the strongest in the industry, providing superior strength in every situation. They have found that a uni-body construction retains the natural strenght of the steel. They have strategically folded the around the door making it the most secure body available and giving the door a deep recessed seat to make it virtually impossible to pry.

Life time warranty:

  • Not only does it over burglary, burglary attemps, fire, flood, and incidental damage it also covers the lock and paint, two items usually excluded by other manufacturers. So, compare their warranty to the competiation and see that Fort Knox offers the most extensive warranty in the industry!


Amsec - Our Showroom (located in Merrillville, IN)

Wall Thickness:

  • 2" total wall thickness on all sides

Safe Door:

  • 1/2" steel plate door combined with 1" drylight insulation

Locking Bolts:

  • 10 Massive 1 1/2" thick locking bolts to provide superior door security.


  • commercial grade high security exterior hinges for additional security and full access to the elegant interior.

Palusol Seal:

  • Expands up to 8 times its original thickness when exposed to heat.

Browning - Our Showroom (located in Merrillville, IN)

Uni-force™ Locking System:

  • Brownings best locking mechanism uses diversion bar system to prevent bolt or handle pressure from reaching the lock. Forces go to the cams and diversion bars, not the lock, for protection unmatched by other locking systems.

OmniBarrier® Lock Protection System:

  • A carefully engineered structure of steal hardplate and steel components designed to protect the safe lock from drill, punch, and push attacks.

Duo-Formed® Door:

  • Browning/Prosteel's best safe door is formed form multiple layers of steel, carefully formed together to provide superior strength, pry-resistance, and attack protection.

Duo-Plus™ Interior:

    Browning/ProSteel's patent pending safe interior that increases long gun capacity and makes all of the long guns easier to access using an innovative door-mounting long gun rack.